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Rogaining is a long distance navigation sport where you compete in teams of 2 - 5 persons.
In a fixed amount of time (originally 24 hours) the teams shall visit as many controls as possible. The controls have different score points depending on distance, terrain roughness and navigation difficulty.
Today it's shorter competition times are common. Ex. 6 hours.

The team that collects the highest score wins. If more than one team have the same score, the team with the shortest time wins. If a team exceeds the maximum time, the score will be reduced.
This type of competition suites well to all kind of people because you can choose your level of ambition. An important part of the competiotion is to plan your route optimally according to your own capacity.

The start and finish point is called the "hash house". This is also a place where you get food and water during the race. This is normally included in the starting fee. You are allowed to visit the hash house as much as you like during the race.

Rogaining was started in Australia in the early 70's. It was derived from traditional 24 hour hikes. The word "Rogaine" is formed by the names of the initiatiors: ROd, GAIl och NEil. Another explanation of the name can be "Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance".
Except from Australia, the sport is today common in New Zeeland, US and Canada. In Europe the Baltic countries, Russia and Czech republic are big practicians. In Finland the sport is growing rapidly.
What is Rogaining?
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Rogaining in Sweden
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